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Regional Memorandum 108, s. 2016
      SEAMEO RELC Scholarship Programmes
      [Application Form]     [Annex A Part 1]      [Annex A Part 2] 
      Interested applicants may get a copy of the application
      form and other details from the ASDS Office.

Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) 2016-17
     Junior High School
     Senior High School Part 1
     Senior High School Part 2

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  1.  The selection process for inclusion of qualified applicants in the registry shall be done from January 15 to APRIL 15 each school year (inclusive of evaluation of documents, demo teaching and examination).
  2. An applicant shall submit to the nearest elementary or secondary school head a written application with the following required documents:
  • CSC Form 212 in two copies with latest 2x2 ID picture
  • Certified photocopy of PRC certificate of registration / license
  • Certified photocopy of LET / PBET rating
  • Certified copies of baccalaureate transcript of records
  • Copies of service records, performance rating and school clearance for those with teaching experience
  • Certificates of specialized training, if any
  • Baranggay Clearance

 The applicant shall assume full responsibility as to the validity of the documents submitted.